Expression Builder “An Effective Tool for Data Transformation.”

Oct 01, 2013

In the world of Data Management and ETL, as the complexity and volume of source data increases, data anomalies and missing values become inevitable. Data inconsistencies, if not eliminated, can create havoc for further data integration and processing. Sometimes the patterns followed by these anomalies and the required rules to process them may vary with each record. Such variations make the data cleaning process even more onerous task for the business analyst.

Also, with continuously changing business requirements dynamic data handling is another major challenge that needs to be tackled. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have a tool using which you can modify as well as “create” data at the same time. Such tool should not only aid in data manipulation but should also give user the required flexibility to perform varied operations in line with the business needs. Keeping this in mind we have designed a transformation tool to reduce the painstaking job of complex data creation to a few simple steps. By using our highly user friendly transformation tool “Expression builder”, we are now able to provide to our users an easy way to customize their data output.

“Expression builder”, as the name suggests, is a generic tool which allows you to perform multitude of transformation operations on source columns having different data variances. It not only gives user an option to add multiple expressions and formulas within a column but also allows him to encapsulate data from other heterogeneous sources. Using it one can easily define different data conditions and then accordingly apply a series of dynamic rules and formulas in an easy and effective way. Most importantly, by including various functionalities in our expression builder itself, we have tremendously simplified the exercise of preparing multiple source files with variable data conditions. Consequently, our clients are spared of applying cumbersome formulas and programs which are generally difficult to write and maintain.

Giving full control to the user but at the same time performing significant portion in an automated fashion is the biggest advantage of this tool. Besides minimizing error scope to a great extent, it also provides better clarity and control over the process. It not only helps in expediting the data transformation process but also gives user the flexibility to vary the applied operations as per the requirement. Therefore, by using expression builder it is much easier to handle complex data relationships as well as to apply business rules in a more consistent way. To know more about the tool write to us at [email protected]

About the Author:
Ekta Sheoran works as Business Analyst in Oil & Gas Division of Sodel. Her expertise includes Data Analysis, Data Integration and Business Intelligence. She likes designing new ETL solutions, tools, processes and workflows for easier data management and to help user to consistently get high quality data in quick turnaround time. She completed her B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee.

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